Real Estate Sales

                       NOTICE - ONLINE SHERIFF SALES

Effective December 1, 2021 the Fayette County Sheriff's Office will conduct the sale of all real estate subject to foreclosure, partition, or delinquent tax on the "Official Public Sheriff's Sale Website: which is operated by Realauction based on a contract with the Ohio Department of Administrative Services.  The process and procedure under which these sales will be completed are detailed at the Realauction website:

In general the following key points are noted:

1. All person(s) who want to bid on a property offered by the Fayette County Sheriff's Office must register with Realauction.  Registration will include completion of the Purchaser Information Form.

2. Properties will be open for bid, at least seven days immediately proper to the date of sale  This is generally known as a proxy bid.

3. Auctions will continue to be held on designated Wednesdays at 10 a.m.

4. Minimum deposits ($2,000; $5,000; $10,000 as set by law) for wire deposits must be received at Realauction by 5pm EST two (2) business days and ACH Debit deposits must be received by 4pm EST seven (7) days prior to the Wednesday auction.  This means the deposited funds must be in the account of Realauction by wire transfer or ACH by that date.  Plaintiff's and Judgment Creditors, as set forth in the Court order, are not required to meet the advertised deposit requirement.

NOTE:  Probate cases will be sold on site at the Court House until further notice and the legal ads will reflect the same.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION:  Realauction will conduct webinar training.  Registrants for webinar training must contact Realauction Customer Service at 1-877-361-7325 or email

2021 Sheriff Sales